Meet Norma Flood, Registered Dietitian


Norma earned a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology & Toxicology at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  She then specialized in genetic research at Viagene Center for Gene Therapy.  Personal health issues then moved her to get a Master of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences at San Diego State University, as well as her license as a registered dietitian.  Her experience as a dietitian includes UCSD Medical Center, UCSD Cancer Center, Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, SDSU Student Health Services and Athletics, and finally Private Practice treating eating disorders and addiction for 10 years. 

With her own history of ADHD that made her susceptible to later struggling with an eating disorder and addiction, Norma wanted to delve deeper to treat problems where they started.  Motivated by her son’s current symptoms of ADHD, she went on sabbatical to study the microbiome as it relates to nutrition, brain function, digestive health, and environmental factors.  Her search led her to study and learn from Dr. William Shaw, Dr. Kurt Woeller, Dr. James Greenblatt, and Dr. Ben Lynch, among others.

Norma currently applies functional nutrition to effectively treat or support mental health issues, digestive issues and eating disorders.  She uses functional nutrition therapy, which includes dietary interventions, nutritional supplements, and laboratory analysis for gut, brain or genetic imbalances.  Lifestyle coaching is also central in her treatment plan.

While on sabbatical, Norma also reached out to youth and started a school garden program at Painted Rock Elementary School.  She also founded Poway Unplugged, which included a summer camp for tweens to teach positive coping tools and balanced health.  

Norma is excited to be back in practice with her enhanced knowledge of nutrition as it relates to digestive and mental health.  She is available by appointment and will also continue to speak out on nutrition and lifestyle choices to health professionals, schools and families.  Norma is a mother to a 14-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son in Poway, California. During her free time, she loves hiking, yoga and time with family and friends.


Norma's Experience

Private Practice:
10 years treating eating disorders and addiction

Employed as a Research Associate/Project Manager:
Viagene Center for Gene Therapy
UCSD Cancer Center

Employed as a Nutrition Educator & Counselor:
Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine
UCSD Medical Center
SDSU Student Health Services & Athletic Department
Scripps Center for Executive Health

Employed as an Instructor:
SDSU Department of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences

Nutrition Consultant:
Rancho La Puerta Health Spa
Various Residential Eating Disorder and Addiction Treatment Programs

Painted Rock Elementary School Garden; Founder
What I Wish My Parents Knew; Ongoing Speaker
Poway Unplugged: Events for Teens & Tweens to Decompress, Connect, Rejuvenate; Founder
Camp Kikta for Tweens & Teens: Awaken to Your Life Unplugged; Founder