Norma Flood's Philosophy

Did you know that you carry more bacteria in your gut than the number of human cells in your body?  Scientists are discovering that bacteria in your gut impacts so much more than just your digestion.  Gut bacteria are connected to aspects of health that we never suspected, including inflammation, body weight, cancer, immunity, brain function, genetic expression, and more.  In fact, our gut has been referred to as our additional organ, as well as our "second brain."  Our gut is at the center of it all!  

Most of the US population has imbalanced gut bacteria that contributes to their overall health and well-being.  This imbalance can start with the first use of antibiotics at a young age, and worsen with food eating behaviors, stress, medications, and environmental exposures, to name a few!  Norma's goal is to bring digestive health back into balance, which then brings other systems back into sync.

The Integrative Approach

Norma gets to the heart of a person's health concerns, their lifestyle and their relationship with food.  She provides health counseling and applies functional nutrition therapy to effectively treat or support digestive health, mental health, and eating disorders.  Functional nutrition therapy is research-based therapy that includes dietary interventions, nutritional supplements, and laboratory analysis for gut, brain or genetic imbalances.  

Norma is a registered dietitian that collaborates with all types of medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and other health professionals to ensure the most comprehensive care is achieved.  She also works with treatment programs when higher levels of care are needed, or when transitioning out of treatment.


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Phone: (619) 980-8174

If you're having a medical emergency, please call 911.